Elaine studied at Winchester School of Art, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art.  She works from her own Studio based in South Devon.  Her evocative paintings of Land, Sea and Sky are inspired by the natural world and are combined with imagination and memory.  Influenced by the emotive swirling paintings of the sea by JMW Turner and Gustave Courbet, Elaine’s work is driven by the desire to capture the sense of place and deep and emotional responses that the sea and landscape can evoke, whilst leading the viewer on a visual journey.

The use of colour, mark making and texture are integral to her works, which have a constant energy, atmosphere and movement to them. She is fascinated at the unpredictability of the natural world, often changing in an instant, whether it be the light, sky, landscape or sea.

Elaine has work in many private collections in the UK, Germany, Belgium and the USA.


Other Important Influences

Elaine has also worked as a Stunt Co-ordinator and Performer in Films and Television for over 25 years and the adrenalin rush, energy and drama is ever present and feeds into her paintings.  Therefore, the constant switch of “fantasy” on a film set and actual “reality” allows room for unique imagination when conveying her initial small sketches/reference points of the outdoors onto a larger canvas back in the Studio.

Artist Statement


I have a passion for colour and enjoy the process of frequently changing and developing new palettes and exploring an array of paint mediums.  The physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an intrinsic part of my practice, whereby I lose myself in the materiality of the painting process.  I enjoy building up layers, stripping back and scratching into the surface to reveal hidden places and allowing the painting to develop its own narrative through unexpected results. 

I love to paint intuitively, by letting go of intentions and conscious thoughts.  This makes room for emotions to surface, enabling me to create evocative paintings, which I hope each viewer will experience in their own way.  I find it fascinating how paint can express feelings that cannot always be conveyed through words.  If I can push the boundaries with each painting and create a strong connection with the viewer, then I am content.

If you would like to see some videos of my works in progress, then you can click on my Instagram feed.

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