Naturally my Studio is one of my favourite places to be, not just for its idyllic location, but where it allows an intense focus of attention and freedom to fully express myself by tuning into all emotions. Below are a selection of works in progress.  If you would like to view further reels, please click on my instagram feed.


The joy of painting intuitively, with unexpected results.

Building up the layers and adding more drama to the Sea/Waves.

Immersing myself in capturing the energy of the waves.

Early morning sketching on a beautiful beach in stunning Guadeloupe, just prior to filming. Plenty of inspiration for painting here.


Close up of texture in this painting, achieved by adding several different mediums to the paint, creating more depth.

Going green and putting down the first of many layers of paint.

Enjoying creating a panoramic painting, which seems to automatically create more drama and depth to the image.

Exhibiting at Wildwood Art Gallery in Dartmoor, whilst painting live and meeting customers.


Experimenting with different colour palettes, veering towards pastel.